Purim--Paris and Israel--March 2007

Spring Break at last!  I'm off to see my children who are both studying in Israel. 

I catch Purim (and the total lunar eclipse) in Paris, before running off to Israel late Sunday night, March 4:
Megilat Esther about to be read Esther, meaning hidden... Neighborhood kids Purim morning
I arrive 5am Monday morning, March 5, Shushan Purim.  I drop my bags in our Tel Aviv apartment and take the bus to Jerusalem where my daughter is studying towards a double BA, Psychology and Biology, at the Hebrew University.  We get all set for Purim and hit the holy streets.
Our disguises Aroma--the best coffee! After hearing the Megilah, at the Wall Ben Yehuda, Jerusalem
Today it's my Haifa day.  It take the train up north to the city where my son was born while my husband I were students there, and where he is finishing his double BA in Mathematics and Computer Science at the Technion while working at IBM. 
Technion Math Library My alma mater:  Haifa U Moon from Mount Carmel New car (new driver!)
I spend some time in my favorite city, Tel Aviv.  It's lively, has the best cafes and shops, and an exquisite sunset every evening
My street, David Hamelech Sunset Thursday, March 8th My kids join me in Tel Aviv for Shabbat My Tel Aviv cafe

The week is over too soon!  But there is some consolation: as the plane descends, the Eiffel Tower bursts into a shimmering welcome!

Click here to see the short film clip!  (Patience required!  It's a large file and takes long to download.)

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