The Fiszer Family

Stuff of Life--Photos 2004

Elisheva and harp Megilat Esther Pretty pair Me
Lovely Leeloo President Katzav in Paris Almost completed Sefer Torah Watching me work
Etretat, Normandy A bite of chocolate... Maybe next year... My parents--50th anniversary
Elisheva and me in the Plaza, NY My kids--Erev Rosh Hashanah Elisheva in NY Michael in Israel
Sept 13 Sept 11 Sept 6 Sept 5
Sunset views from my kitchen (Paris,France)--
you can see the sun setting further and further towards the south as we near equinox
August 30     Sept 1
From left to right:  my father, me, Simcha, Goldie, my mother--2004 Nostalgia...this photo was taken in Rockaway Beach, NY,in 1964--from left to right:  Goldie, Libby, Babeshe, Chay'ka, Chaya, Simcha, My father and my aunt Chaya--2004

Moon through my telescope

You can see how far to the left the sun has set by Oct 20

Venus and Jupiter at dawn Nov 5/04

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