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My collection of animated bird gifs!

SAD NOTE: After four months of vet visits and medication...Kiwi passed over the rainbow on Sunday, February 27, 2000 at 9:30pm. All those who loved her were there with her, and she went peacefully. Please continue to enjoy these pages to celebrate her short life and sign our guestbook for Leeloo's sake...

This is only one of Leeloo and Kiwi's web sites. Yes, they are so cute and so popular that they have two!

Please visit their home on my daughter's adorable budgie site!

Here you can read my letters home all about our adventures with these little colorful fluffs of joy!

Go and have a laugh with my selection of bird jokes!

Leeloo and Kiwi have best friends in Japan! Visit Karyn and her kids: Suzu and PeeWee!

Click here to see some adorable photos! And here to see Leeloo and his celery! 

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