Elisheva's MARVA Ceremony--May 23, 2006

To show their support for the State of Israel, young people may volunteer for MARVA.  Their two and a half months of rigorous Israeli army training and personal growth is recognized in a moving ceremony before family and friends.  Elisheva's army base was near S'dei Boker, Ben Gurion's home kibbutz, deep in the Negev Desert.  The ceremony took place at Ben Gurion's grave.

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The MARVA troop and their commanders Saluting the flag... ...unfurled at the start of the ceremony Family and friends "at ease" but excited
The ranks Inspection by high command What a smile! Waiting for orders
My little soldier in the Negev White hot Negev Desert Give yourself a gun salute! It's over...but forever a part of her
Michael and Elisheva Me and Elisheva The four of us Papa and Elisheva
Be'er Sheva, jewel of the desert, is the largest city in the Negev In the Kibbutz of S'dei Boker Elisheva in front of Ben Gurion's tomb Beware of camels on the way back to Tel Aviv

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